The data from our ski boot specialists is evaluated at the Munich bootmaker´s workshop. An individual wooden last is created by skilled craftsmen and the outer ski boot shell is carefully matched to your foot form. This requires a lot of experience and systematic knowledge of the art of boot making. Finally the detailed finishing work is painstakingly performed so that the ski boot is a perfect fit and offers complete comfort.

Depending on individual needs and requirements, the inside of the shoe can be foam lined. Once the foam hardens a perfect match is created between the foot and the ski boot, thus ensuring optimum force transmission.

The finishing touch is provided by the insole that has been especially designed and produced for you. It guarantees optimum weight distribution and takes the load off your feet.


The joints, tendons and ligaments are subject to heavy loading during running - existing, usually as yet unnoticed misalignments often lead to pain or even serious injuries.

Our orthopedic shoe technicians design and make your individual running shoe insoles, which cushion and guide your feet and provide support at the required points in the longitudinal and transverse arches. The properties of the insoles are precisely attuned to your feet and perfectly matched to your running shoe.

Your feet feel great and thanks to the increased comfort you can now completely concentrate on enjoying your running and achieving your sporting targets.


At SVENRENZ we produce special golf shoe insoles that are perfectly adapted to your feet and body posture when swinging the club.

In addition to a perfect fit and superlative comfort, these insoles encourage the wearer to adopt a healthy body posture and enhance stance and stability when swinging. Thus the custom-made golf insole can exert a corrective effect, optimizing the position of the center of gravity when tee-ing off.


The perfect hiking boot model is usually only half the story when it comes to avoiding blisters, pinching and joint pains.

Everyone subjects his feet to loading in different ways and everyone has his own distinctive gait. Accordingly, the correct footbed for each individual plays a crucial role. After investigation of your foot posture and your movement sequence, our orthopedic technicians create special hiking boots insoles that perfectly match your anatomy.

These act preventatively to forestall complaints due to loading and with their shock absorbing properties protect knees, hips and the spinal column. The breathable insoles are precisely matched to your boots and form a perfect unit with them. What is more, the insoles can be easily and conveniently removed so that they can be dried, cleaned and conditioned as required.


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