3D technology

No matter what sport your passion is, a properly fitting sports shoe which supports and fits comfortably on your feet is essential. We measure your feet accurately using our 3D scanner and can accordingly find the best shoe or boot available from our exquisite range. Afterwards our orthopaedic shoe experts will produce especially inserted soles for your sports shoes!

Running shoes

Pronation and the foot form are decisive factors in determining the ideal running shoe.

With data from our pressure measurement plates we can statically analyze your feet to determine where and how they are loaded and accordingly draw initial conclusions about your leg position.

The dynamic analysis is at least equally important. To this end, our running experts observe your running sequence on a specially created test running track. Each single phase of the movement cycle from setting down and cushioning until the foot touches down again can be exactly analyzed in slow motion and evaluated.

Perfect Fit!

During a round of golf your feet may cover many miles. It is therefore of decisive importance that the shoes are still an optimum fit even after several hours of wear, that they support your stance, are comfortable and do not produce any pinch points.

With golf shoes, it is not only the shoe size that matters but also the width. With our 3-D measurement technology we can find a shoe with the optimum width, form and performance for your feet. Furthermore, the renowned golf shoe maker Footjoy has given us, in a world exclusive, access to the fitting data of the MyJoys models. We are able to compare these with the data obtained from the measurement.

Distance and Precision.

New at our Munich flagship store is the golf tee-off analysis. The optimum position of the body's center of gravity plays a decisive role in generating a powerful swing. With the aid of state-of-the-art technology we are able to determine the location of your center of gravity and optimize it by means of the golf shoes and of custom-made golf insoles.

A hiking boot should primarily offer the foot firm support and ensure a sure footing. At the same it must be flexible and comfortable enough so that no pinching, blisters or aching feet are produced, even after long treks. We measure your feet with our 3-D scan technology to find the perfect fit for you and compare the dimensions with the available boot models.

This means that an optimum fit and the highest degree of comfort are assured.

Furthermore, our team will advise you about suitable materials and the characteristics of the boots that correspond to your requirements.

Your feet and legs are surveyed up to the knee by means of modern scan technology and used to create a virtual 3D computer model. Our ski boot technicians can use this model to determine the precise dimensions at all key points. In order to be able to construction individually optimized ski shoes, the individual skiing specifications and the customer-specific needs and requirements are determined and entered into our system.


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