For your best self

For me, results are what counts. And the best result is finding the best form of yourself.

My passion for sport has shaped my creativity as far back as I remember.

After being a Bundesliga triathlete for years, the advisory role our store plays nowadays is something that fills me with the greatest of pleasure. Everybody is different, and this concept of individuality is something that runs through all elements of our offers, services and products. 

Taking into account this individuality, I impart all of my expertise as a professional fitness and nutrition coach with you and am happy to help you get to know the best form of yourself. 

Alongside a highly effective training regime, you need an intentionally adapted low carb diet, which means nobody goes hungry and a proper, balanced diet is not that difficult. 

It is not just about losing weight, it is also about constantly trying to better yourself, for an energetic and conscious life. In keeping with the motto: Being healthy is all-embracing!

We reach the clear goals we set ourselves as a team. We define your tailor-made corporate fitness regime for your own best form of yourself.

Get in touch with me. With your own individual fitness and nutrition plan, I will help you get where you want to go.

Yours, Sven Renz

+49 (0)89 622 8688-22



ST april19 ertlrenz wethrive 238 Sven und Alo

Sven Renz & Alo Ibrahim